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Veni, Vidi, (Av)ici(i)

Apr. 23rd, 2018 | 06:37 pm

Four days ago, I woke up to the rudest shock. I thought it was another joke. It couldn't be. He just posted on Instagram yesterday and I was just thinking about him (and his music) when I saw his new post. But I was proven wrong and I went back to bed with a very heavy heart.

A passing is always heartbreaking, especially so when you can relate to that person. I found myself to be extremely saddened by the news. It is not surprising for me to act this way, since I have always proclaimed him as my favourite DJ and I even had him as my wallpaper for awhile.

In the past 24 hours, the sadness has not passed yet. I still find myself looking back at the videos and pictures that I took of his concert in Malmo back in the summer 2016. I found myself playing his songs on a loop. I tried to justify my sadness, I tried to explain to myself if this is some mindless celebrity worship. I have thought long about it and, no. No, it is not some mindless celebrity worship.

It was through Avicii that I was introduced to EDM and even though I had my wild clubbing days, I always have a love for his music even after I stopped my partying ways. I remember when there a buzz over Hey Brother and the Internet and people around me were doubting and mocking at his country ways. But it was exactly what I love about his music. It is not one of those typical radio hits that have the same beats and drops, with lyrics talking about drugs and sex. I found meaning and rythmn in his tunes.

During my first two years of university, where I struggled with academics and with relationships, I had Avicii on loop. Listening to his music helps me feel better especially with his meaningful lyrics. I remember going through papers after papers of Corporate Finance revision and I had his UMF setlist on repeat. Not only that, I suffer from flight anxiety, thought it is getting better now. The roaring sound of the engines during takeoff scares me a lot and I find myself panicking. I always make it a habit on almost every flight, during every take off, landing and turbulances, I would blast his album to drown out the sounds. Somewhere in Stockholm, especially, was my favourite. It calms me down a lot.

I feel thankful that I was able to see him live for once in my life. Travelling alone, all the way to Malmo, one tiny Asian girl in a field of drunk Scandinavians. People threw me weird looks - what is that lone Asian doing here? But I had the time of my life, drowning in his music, dancing and singing to all the familiar tunes.

It's really hard and dare I say even impossible to find another artist who can make me feel so much from the tunes and lyrics. The one, the only, the legendary Scandivanian bae. Rest in peace. 

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